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2 Months in Spain – Edge is Art Night – Video #3

When Edge was first forged in hearts nearly 10 years ago, I think what have become Art Night is something beyond our scope, our dreams and even our hope. Art Night has become a way to meet people, to share our personal stories, to hear the stories of others and to share the love of God […]

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2 Months in Spain – Edge is Relationship – Video #2

We don’t define Edge in concrete terms – we can’t. You define Edge. The purpose of Edge is to experience God in community, through creative means and in appreciation of culture. That looks different for everyone, but for 2015 Edgie Brandon, Edge could be explained and experienced and shared through the gift of film. For Brandon,  Edge […]

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2 Months in Spain – This is Edge – Video #1

We all seek answers. Most often each one of us will provide a different answer to the same question. Why? That is a beautiful answer. The why is that we are all unique and are moved and influenced and changed by different experiences; what speaks to me may mean nothing to you, but it doesn’t […]

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