2 Months in Spain – Edge is Relationship – Video #2

11851260_1040969002580814_1419258528_nWe don’t define Edge in concrete terms – we can’t. You define Edge.

The purpose of Edge is to experience God in community, through creative means and in appreciation of culture.

That looks different for everyone, but for 2015 Edgie Brandon, Edge could be explained and experienced and shared through the gift of film.

For Brandon,  Edge was about people and relationships:

Relationships with eachother

Relationships with the Spanish locals

Relationships with God

There is no more beautiful fruit, then taking the experience and then expressing it creatively to share what it meant to you and to draw others in through your God-given talents.

What a gift!

What a joy!

Take a looks and experience Edge through his eyes, his heart, his humor, his friendships.


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