EDGE Internships


Passionate, Purposeful & Practical

EDGE Internships are an incredible opportunity to grow in your particular field with an international community. Interns work side by side with participants and will have a similar experience, although EDGE Internships have a more structured set of responsibilities. “LIVING ON THE EDGE” brings us to a time of adventure, spiritual growth and reflection, which is part of our internship program. You decide how you are going to navigate that through your own self propelled journey.

EDGE Internship


  • USA – Southern California
  • Spain – Alicante-Altea

What will you do?

As an Intern, you serve according to your talents and abilities and are encouraged to live for what you believe in. If you want to dive into a new area of training and experience, we journey with you in this discovery. Therefore, every Internship will be tailored to your individual gifts, desires, and long-term goals in collaboration with our vision and purposeful projects. Our desire is that as an intern you will work not out of obligation, but because you wholeheartedly believe in what you are working for.


Creative Arts Assistant
Music & Worship
Communications & Media
Administrative Assistant
Soul Care Apprentice
Event Coordinator Assistant

Why invest in a cultural experience?

What difference will it make in my everyday life? If you work, go to school or live down the street from someone whose cultural frame of reference is different than yours, cultural immersion experiences are invaluable in making you a more effective communicator, leader, and team player. It gives you the toolkit to “understand where someone is coming from”.

Edge Internships are highly customized and designed uniquely to fit each person. A focus on holistic personal development, portfolio building and a healthy dose of life experience, offers this opportunity for students and may be well-suited for young professionals exploring career opportunities.

Internships vary in length from a few months to a year. As an intern you will receive mentorship, along with many opportunities to produce projects relevant to your field of interest or major.

Our cultural immersion program offers a unique opportunity to live and learn with others from diverse walks of life.  It’s an unparalleled experience that will enrich your lifelong journey.