2 Months in Spain – Edge is Art Night – Video #3

When Edge was first forged in hearts nearly 10 years ago, I think what have become Art Night is something beyond our scope, our dreams and even our hope.

Art Night has become a way to meet people, to share our personal stories, to hear the stories of others and to share the love of God is a way that is completely relational, opposed to confrontational.

It’s one thing to be confronted with the truth and quite another to have it simply shared, in friendship. The avenue of friendship opens wide the doors of opportunity to so many more meaningful experiences, then just making sure someone heard the Gospel; it creates the foundation to live the Gospel with those you meet.

We could never have imagined what Art Nights would become, and quite honestly, experiencing it is imperitive to understanding.

It became an opportunity for God to speak His words to people He loves, with the comprehensible language of love.

Once again, Brandon used his gift of film to share Edge Art Night with us.

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