2 Months in Spain – This is Edge – Video #1

We all seek answers. Most often each one of us will provide a different answer to the same question.


That is a beautiful answer. The why is that we are all unique and are moved and influenced and changed by different experiences; what speaks to me may mean nothing to you, but it doesn’t diminish it, it simply reveals a small bit of the experience as a whole.

We all define an experience.

What is Edge?

As we’ve said before, not only is Edge experienced differently by everyone involved,  but it changes every year as the participants make it their own; Edge changes, evolves, morphs, and molds and shapes into what each one of us make it.

The best way to experience something is to see it. One of our 2015 Edgies, Brandon,  was moved to create a few beautiful videos that share the personal journey and experiences that define Edge for each person.

Still have questions?

Take a look at our website, read our blog posts, hear what Edgies have to say about the experience.

Live on the Edge

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