Our Creativity can be an incredible space to learn about ourselves. EDGE believes that when we take the time to be intentional and create things that bring a visual framework to our ideas and beliefs, we can learn a great deal about ourselves, our purpose, God, our Creator, and who we are in this journey we call “Life”.


Spending time diving into another culture & living among people who are different will teach you more about yourself and your own culture than anything else. Seriously! People all over the world have unique insight and views. We believe we can grow and learn with the power of global respect for others through cultural experiences that are personal, hands on, & practical.


Faith is action in what we believe. EDGE gives the opportunity to live what we believe in a way that allows each person to go “beyond the edge”… With experience and knowledge we have the power of choice to make Faith a reality in our lives. When we open up to learn and do, we give our Faith space to grow.

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