Reflections From the Edge – Lessons and Insights

As Edgies come home and begin to process their time abroad, we checked in with them to hear about their experiences in their own word.

Q: If you consider all you have learned at Edge during your daily cross-cultural experiences, art and cultural outreaches, studies in LoveWorks, stories from leaders and/or Spaniards, etc. Describe one of the most significant lessons you have learned about ministering cross-culturally.

A: “Love people. Don’t mention faith unless it comes up naturally. This is the best and most successful way of ministering to people. If they are already invested and friends with you, and then want to hear about why you are the way you are, why you love the way you love, your story is going to have a much bigger impact…Contrary to how so many well-meaning people in the church teach about evangelism, Edge truly embraces the idea of mutual respect as an avenue for sharing the gospel. Friendship isn’t a means to the end, but the true treasure and what is shared in friendship, can result in fruit.”

Q: Along with the last question, describe how you have seen art used for outreach, connecting with others, and in your personal encounters with God during Edge. How might be able to incorporate art into your ministry at home and/or your personal relationship with God?

A: “The biggest way I’ve seen art used, is to bring people together. At AlteArte and El Diseno it brought people
in, and they made art with us, had conversation, and love was shared. With the flower crowns, we gave the to some of the cooks at Crown of India and they were so happy and it expanded the relationship we already had with them. And that’s amazing because I don’t want to create Christian art. But it still brings me together with people and starts and builds relationships.”

Edge takes not only words, but art, culture and friendship to express the love and God and share it with other.

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