Edgies’ Reflections – Kristin Walti

Edge Project is not just an outward facing program, meaning it’s all about outreach; Edge is designed to take the individual through a deeply moving inner journey as well. The beauty of Edge is it’s lack of definition. What I mean is that the Edge experience is defined by each Edgies, individually, very intimately.

Kristin Walti takes us on a very personal trip through her experiences.

Kristin, how have you seen God moving in you personally during your time here?

“God has transformed me by showing me my identity in Him. I had never before seen such a tangible picture of myself through God’s eyes. As a result, I have a new foundation to walk on as I live life according to who I’ve been created to be. I no longer live as if my wounds define me. I am not defined by my experiences or my sins. I am defined by the Creator of the universe and I have been                forgiven and made whole.”

Another beauty about Edge is the willingness to abandon self – to allow the things in our life that hold us back individually to be addressed by God, not others. This makes decisions that Edgies make, very personal, very dear, very lasting.

Kristin, What are some specific areas of transformation you’ve undergone, heart issues he has addressed, healing or deliverance you have experienced?

“As a result of my transformation from understanding my true identity, I was able to end a romantic relationship that was not honoring God. I have been called out of the darkness of reliance on other humans and into the freedom of reliance on God. He is  my sustainer, my comforter, and my provider. Through this process, I have become more excited about God’s plan for my life. I have finally been able to release my own immediate plans and trust God that He has a far better plan than I could ever imagine.

My wounds from my earthly father have been addressed, and God is calling me into a deeper healing process. I have learned through LoveWorks that I can release my expectations of being fathered by my earthly father to father me. God has shown me that He wants to be my father and heal me even more and care for me.”

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