Reflections From the Edge

As difficult as it is to live and move in a foreign country, speak a foreign language and figure out the lifestyle, sometimes re-entry into the place you call home, is even harder.

One Edge participant shares her heart and the struggle of returning home.

It seems like forever ago that I was galavanting through Altean Alleyways, greeting others with double cheek kisses, singing songs til my soul needed silence, loving and loving and loving and loving. Of course, I’m still loving here. It is different, though. It’s more challenging. There is lack of discipleship, of pouring into, of accountability, of enveloping community. But here is reality for now. Here is fast-paced, do what you need to do and keep doing. Keep moving. Inhale sharp, shallow, take only what you need. Life here isn’t siesta, intimate meals, long walks. It’s commutes and traffic and to-go. It’s to-do lists and early mornings and early nights and unrest. Something here makes it difficult to rest.

                                          “I’m trying to understand how to be the person

I’ve learned to be. To love the way I’ve learned to love.

It’s more difficult than I expected.”


I guess in a way this is a call for prayer. I find myself slipping into habits of impatience, of unkindness, of failure. But, I’m catching myself. I see where the enemy tries to pull me down, so that’s a start. Please pray that I can apply what I learned over the past month, that my experience is not wasted, that I fully engage.

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