2015 Edgie – Brandon Yee

wanderJoin Brandon as he takes us through his Edge journey.

1.How have you seen God moving in you during your time here? Describe specific areas of transformation you’ve undergone, heart issues He has addressed, healing or deliverance you have experienced, etc.


I saw God moving in me during my time here through affirmation and loving others. Prior to going on this trip, I was pretty nervous about what I was going to do here, and felt out of place because I did not necessarily know what art form I would be creating. But through the opportunity to create videos for Edge, I have been so affirmed by the people here. It’s amazing to see one purpose that I have in being here, and how that purpose not only applies to being in Spain, but to other things in my life. Other people have encouraged me in these talents, and I love that God is showing me that I can do what I love, and really use it to bless something like a program, or share what is happening on this trip. I have also learned how to intentionally love others by being with other people for a month and living with a team. When a large amount of time is spent with other people, problems or disconnections tend to arise. But here, constantly being with a team and surrounded by the same people throughout this trip, I have learned that I cannot let dissimilar personalities or small problems get in the way of my relationships with others. And I need to intentionally choose to love others, whether that’s through a simple talk or walking with another person somewhere. It’s really taught me that loving others is a choice that I make for and with others, and isn’t always a feeling built off of emotions.

2. Describe how you have seen art used for outreach, connecting with others, and in your personal encounters with God during Edge. Explain how you might be able to incorporate art into your ministry at home and/or your personal relationship with God.

I think that I have seen art used as an attention grabber. At our art nights, art has been used to bring people to our community. And then, once the passing people that were attracted to our art walked into our art gallery, we then integrated them into our community. I saw art as a way to bring people into our community, sort of like a light that drew them in. And then, once they were in the community, our relationships with these people handled the rest.

3. Tell the story of one friend you have made or that has been impacted through the Edge family this summer.

One friend that I have enjoyed getting to know was Raul. I met Raul my first week at Edge when I was on my 2×2, and I spent over half an hour at his shop playing with his different mind games. Two weeks later, it was such an encouraging surprise to see Raul show up at our community meals and for him to remember my name once he saw me! And it was even more encouraging that he had such a good time at our meal, that he invited two of his friends to the next meal, and they continued to come to future meals. Though I did not have any in-depth conversations with Raul, it was incredibly encouraging that he saw something unique in our community, that he wanted to bring his friends into it as well. And also during times of sharing during our community meals, he shared his very honest opinions about his viewpoints on the traits we were discussing.