Training Day

juntos3With Edge only two and a half months we have our first gathering TRAINING DAY – next week!

While not all our readers are joining us in Spain, join us in prayer as we prepare for this summer’s adventure.
The TRAINING DAY is an important step to beginning your Edge Project experience on the right foot, so PLEASE make it a priority to be there!  In addition to having the blessing of getting to meet one another face-to-face before living together in Spain for four weeks, we’ll cast and clarify vision, grow and strengthen our unity, and try and equip you with all you need to begin your Edge experience NOW instead of waiting until you get to Spain.

At our TRAINING DAY we’ll:

  • introduce our Edge 2016 staff
  • give you a peek into a Week at Edge Project
  • share vision for Edge Project 2016
  • discover one another’s strengths
  • share in worship, fellowship, and prayer for one another
  • answer questions about Life on the Edge
  • go over the Edge Participation Agreement
  • tell you about some Pre-Edge Exercises to complete before heading to Spain (Yes, you will have a bit of homework!)

Readings for Edge

Some of you have been asking about the required and suggested readings for Edge.  Here’s the scoop:
  • STRENGTHS FINDER  Each of you should read the book Strengths Finder by Tom Rath (find out more about it here) and find your TOP 5 STRENGTHS.  Please do this BEFORE our TRAINING DAY on April 23rd!  We will touch upon the results of your personal strengths at our training day.  If finances are tight for you, there is also a similar test with some additional resources to help you identify your strengths here.
  • L’ABRI  This autobiographical book by Edith Schaeffer will give you invaluable insight into how we seek to live Life on the Edge together by faith.  It is encouraging and inspiring, and will help condition your heart for your journey this summer.  Please read L’Abri before coming to Spain in June

Juntos after training day

On the evening of April 23 there will be a JUNTOS gathering.  “Juntos” means “together” in Spanish, and is a regular gathering of Edge participants from years past.  You are invited to join veteran Edgies to share life and stories of what God has done through Edge Project.

The Juntos gathering will take place in Irvine from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm, so it won’t be too far from our training day if you would like to attend!  Contact Alyssa (949) 241-6819 for more info.

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