2015 Edgie – Katie Post

making new friends faces drawn on finger tipsToday 2015 Edgie Katie Post is sharing about her Edge experience

1.What is one life practice from your time in Altea you would like to take home with you (such as community living, self-propelled intentionality, principles we’ve studied in Mark, everyday relational missions, etc.)? Describe how you plan to implement this practice in your life after Edge.

One life practice I would love to take back with me is just being who I am fully in Christ, all the time at home. I think this summer has taught me many life lessons, but what has hit me harder than any other is the fact that I have freedom in Christ. I have freedom to be who I am, I have freedom to know God personally, and I have freedom to explore the character of God and implement that into my daily walk. The way I plan to implement this practice is to make sure I daily seek God through his scripture, and also to just be bold in my faith.


2. How have you seen God moving in you during your time here? Describe specific areas of transformation you’ve undergone, heart issues He has addressed, healing or deliverance you have experienced, etc.

God has rocked my world here at Edge. I hadn’t known God for very long before I came here, but He has met me where I am at and shown me who He is in new ways. I have noticed little things in myself like not gossiping as much, how my eyes have been changed to see each person as made in His image, and also the transformation in my heart toward my family.

3. Describe how you have seen art used for outreach, connecting with others, and in your personal encounters with God during Edge. Explain how you might be able to incorporate art into your ministry at home and/or your personal relationship with God.

I came into Edge not having a major gift in art, but am leaving with such an appreciation for it and an awareness of how it connects people on a beautiful level. Each week at our art gallery night, the number of people kept increasing, and it was so amazing to see the people of Spain come and connect with the Edgies over art and stories.

4.Tell the story of one friend you have made or that has been impacted through the Edge family this summer.

One of the best people of Spain I met on my trip was a man named Alex. He works at a bistro on the paseo, and since the first day I arrived and walked into his cafe, he has been nothing but kind to me. Over the past three weeks I have gotten to know Alex on a deeper level, and actually have gotten to talk about our beliefs, dreams, and life stories. Alex is someone who is always smiling, has such a servant’s heart, and loves to spend quality time with his clients. He has taught me a lot in this month’s time and I will never forget the friendship we have.