The prayer tower.

There is something about high places.  It gives one a great perspective above what my otherwise be a messy point of view.

The other day, Arianna took a small handful of us to a place she has come to call her “prayer tower.”  There you get a great panoramic of the city of Altea.  You can very easily imagine what a great spot it would have been to scan the bay and watch for pirates, something that would have been done in the 13th century.

My imagination soared at the thought of seeing a pirate ship on the distant horizon.  Maybe even a sea monster, that would be cool.


The city of Altea built this very beautiful tower some time ago. An artist took time to place large mosaic pieces and, what looked like, Hieroglyphs to tell a part of the city’s history.  I may never know the beauty or the story the artist expressed.   I can only imagine as now the mosaic pieces that lined the edge of the tower had been covered with spray painted images and tags.


Just a few short feet below the top of the tower lay the roofs of peoples’ home.  The red clay tiles were smashed and broken, probably from the weight of crashing feet from board kids.  Food wrappers and broken glass bottles lay inside the crevasses and under the broken pieces of tile.  If I were to focus on the graffiti, I would have missed the beauty beyond it.  We spent a few minutes up there, each of us grabbed a place to sit.  And paused… in silence.

Don’t forget to pause.

Wherever you may be standing, find time to be still.

You may find yourself looking past all of the messy stuff to see some real beauty.


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