Edgies Reflections – Experiencing God

There is no definitive experience that we as humans have with God – as believers nor skeptics. God cannot be defined and neither can our experiences with Him; they are as different and varies as we are.

One Edgie shares her experience with God in Spain:

“I’ve experienced God in ways like never before this summer. He has moved into my life and transformed my heart since being here. I have experienced more compassion and patience since beginning to apply love into every disgusting of my life. He has renamed me His daughter, His princess, and His beloved since being here.

Before coming I lived in a conscious state of guilt for the things I’ve done, and he has set me free. He reminded me that he is not judgemental and I do not have to strive for His love.

I have been healed from heartbreak that I thought I had already dealt with, and liberated from believing lies related to my worth.

He has also affirmed me in my passions a lot since being here, which I think that I really needed to hear after my first year of college. I am again reminded that God wants to grant me the desires of my heart, and that I have the power to cast out demons from my thoughts.”

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