Edgies’ Reflections – David Pugh, Part 2

David Pugh, EDGE Program

David Pugh, EDGE Program

We heard from David previously regarding his insight into various aspects of his EDGE adventure. Today he touches on the spiritual climate within Spain and his personal blunders and blessings.


The first thing I have noticed is the general lack of spirituality. In America, spirituality is huge, whether it be Christian, Eastern or humanistic in nature. Here (Spain), it does not seem to be an object of discussion. I have noticed that there is some darker spirituality present, but even that seems to simply be present and not something that excites people one way or the other.


At the Catholic mass, I noticed that the average age was over 60, and that little time was invested in the mass; the priest even spoke very quickly. But this disinterest, when I see it for a little longer, does not seem to stem from an enlightenment view of religion’s irrelevance, but instead is the sort of silence people carry with an emotional wound. One that feels safer to ignore it, rather than relive the pain.


Well, one of the first things that I struggled with here was the money. Apart from never remembering how much money I’m actually spending, I had a hard time understanding the numbers they told me. One cashier typed up the price on a calculator so I could read it, and a woman at the market gave me back one of the bills I had handed her, because it wasn’t needed at all.


I have appreciated the friendliness of many of the drivers here. I am used to always waiting for cars to drive by before I try and cross the street. Here, however, cars frequently will stop if they see me standing on the side of the road, and they will wave me on with a smile. This is really a blessing because I am walking everywhere.


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