Words from 2015 Edgie, Alyssa Klopfer

DSC07879[1]Alyssa Klopfer shares her journey through Edge.

1.What is one life practice from your time in Altea you would like to take home with you (such as community living, self-propelled intentionality, principles we’ve studied in Mark, everyday relational missions, etc.)? Describe how you plan to implement this practice in your life after Edge.

A huge thing I have been learning about during this month at Edge is learning to hear and discern the voice of God, and really what that even means. I suppose I have “heard” the voice of God before, and probably many times in my life, but simply treated it as my good conscience. During my first week at Edge, my curiosity about the voice of God was really sparked when the staff gave the every Edgies a card with words or phrases that they had received or felt after praying over each of us. After reading through my words over and over, I sought out to meet with Cari. I explained to her that some of these words I quickly resonated with, while the others intimidated me, I was heavily questioning their validity. Before going through each of the words with me, Cari carefully explained to me what hearing the voice of God means to her, and how this can differ from person to person, and how some of these words didn’t necessarily “come from God,” that they could just have been encouraging words that came to mind to the person while praying for us. As we continued our conversation, I was comforted, and I realized that a lot of these words were things that I really needed to hear. I will seriously keep this card forever, and look back on it whenever I need to hear these words again, and as a reminder to seek the truth of the voice of our Lord.

2. Consider all you have learned at Edge during your daily cross-cultural experiences, art and cultural outreaches, studies in Mark, stories from missionaries, etc. Describe one of the most significant lessons you have learned about ministering cross-culturally.

I guess I am just so impressed and surprised by the way Edge Project does ministry here in Spain. It is so sensitive to the culture and the people and their history with Christianity. I love that. I love that Edge has made a footprint in Altea with our art nights, daily visits to our favorite cafes, and mini concerts at AlteArte. I love that so many people are interested in art and that our El Diseno nights actually create conversation and community. I am so amazed by what God is doing here, and would love to be apart of it in the future.

3.Tell the story of one friend you have made or that has been impacted through the Edge family this summer.

As most of you know about our dear friend Alex, the owner of Le Bistrot de la Plage, has really impacted my experience at Edge. I have had many awesome conversations with him, discovering his commitment to the Catholic faith, as well as how he views all of us as his two younger sisters who he loves so much. He truly looks out for us and has thanked us almost every visit for really being his friend and for asking him deep questions and for listening to him. He feels important and cared for when we come into the Bistrot. He loves our group and attending our events and even hosting events at his bistrot!

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