This is Edge…

People living in community and exploration through an experience of god, culture, and respect.

We are a community of international people on a journey of self-discovery mixed with faith, art, and honest conversations.  We respect cultural relevance which leads us to God and the flavors of creative expression.  We are simple people in the active movement of embracing the beauty of unity and the power of diversity. Our destiny is wrapped up in the individual love that God has for each one of us plus the value of real community.  The honor to learn the language of those we live with through cultural immersion is an incredible journey of acceptance & revelation.  These are some of the many facets allowing us to learn from people of all nations.

Our story unfolds as we live among the beautiful people of Alicante, Spain which is a crossroads of cultures using the arts and personal experience to follow the teachings of Jesus.  We desire to live in such a way that honors authenticity and reflects the One who created us to love.  Call it raw, real, authentic, or even organic.  It is what it is….