Welcome to the edge

“Don’t grow frustrated by their culture Just love.”
If we start judging others we get caught in Judgment.


Alicante is the cross roads of culture. It has the closest beach to Madrid.

“Use who you are naturally, not to push faith, but to use it natually. God will use your presence.”  Also remmember “Laughter is a key to servive.” -A.C.

Talk and be honest with each other.

As Arianna spoke I began to think that Church is nothing without Christ and community.  And that community starts with individual relationships.

Be who you are under Christs covering.

Ask yourself ..’What are you looking for, while your here?’

Pray for each other.

“Those in darkness are so much more aware of the light, then those who are in the light.”


things to find while your here.


gas station

supply store

phone store

tourist office


Local Hospital

House of Culture

Open Market (2)


La terraza

El Diseno

Church (on the hill)

Center Social


Auto Bus station

train station

post office


taxi station

It’s important to know your surrounds while your in a new culture.  Grow accustomed to what is around you.

What is my own personal culture?

Document looking at yourself in the mirror for 10 min.

read Psalm 16

“Live like you have what you want”, and if God is willing he will provide.

“The language of Love is the best gift you can give anybody.”