Part of a Bigger Picture


For two weeks Edge had the pleasure of hosting a group of artists from California, called Ex Creatis. They blessed us with their presence and encouragement and we were able to bless them in preperation for the next part of their journey: Germany. All of our lives were changed in those two weeks and God brought many of us into more freedom, as we sought Him in community.

The reconstruction of El Diseño has truly been a miracle. God has brought restoration and resurrection in not only the lives and hearts of the participants of Edge, but also in the heart of this home. The inside has been transformed and now, through the blessing of Jacob Lecuyer, a member of Ex Creatis, so has the outside. A beautiful mural of Altea now covers the side of the building; this draws even more people to stop and admire the beauty of El Diseño.

The beauty and meaning of the mural is another story in itself, but it would not have existed without the process. Jacob invited others to join him in the making of the mural. From the beginning, he encouraged the group that they were more than welcome to come help or simply put a stroke of paint on the mural, in order to be a part of it. Several accepted the invitation, including myself, and we were more than blessed through it.

When I arrived to help, he was putting the final touches on it and adding in the fine details. I love to paint because I enjoy it, however, I have never had art lessons and I do not know all of the proper techniques, so it is difficult for me to paint realistically. However, as I made myself available, Jacob was quick to empower me. He told me what needed to be done on the mural and what parts to work on, and then set me loose. Even when I kept asking questions, because of my insecurities, he trusted me and told me just to do what I thought was best. Jacob is a wonderful artist, and could have easily done the whole mural himself, but instead he empowered me and many others to be a part of the process; we were empowered to play a small role in the larger picture.

In the end, he was blessed, because he was able to work with others and have help along the way. I added this moment to the list of my ¨happy moments in Spain¨. There was a freedom to be able to do what I enjoyed and also to let go of my insecurities and be empowered by another, through their strength.

This moment for me was a parable of what God is calling us to do with one another. This is the beauty of the body of the Christ; this is the beauty of Edge. Each one of us is a part of a story larger than our own. God has created each person with unique gifts and talents, and each one is equally important. One person´s strengths meet another person´s weaknesses. We encourage one another and build off of the gifts that God has already given them. We see where God is already doing good and working in someone´s life and empowering them with the freedom they have through Christ to be themselves. We accept them as they are and then help them learn and grow. We can try to do everything as individuals, but if we always do, then we are certainly missing out on something much better. A painting takes many strokes to make it beautiful. A single stroke can change a whole painting, no matter how small.

So, may we add our own strokes of color to the people we meet in our lives, whether as small as a smile, or as deep as a conversation with another; together, we can paint life and truth into people´s lives, creating a beautiful mural that displays the heart of the greatest Creator and Artist of all.

Reflection by Rachel Blaser

Photo by Kira Bester


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