Voices From the Edge – Caroline Part 3

Total Emersion

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 7.44.21 PMAlthough Summer Edge 2016 has ended, Caroline shares about her last week in Altea.

Time has gone by so fast and so slowly at the same time. This week I am doing a home stay with a family in the neighboring city of Benidorm. The home stay is a necessary part of the cultural immersion aspect of my internship for my Intercultural Studies degree at Biola.

I have been loving being with my family, and I have been growing and struggling in different ways, but it has been good. The best part is that the family are evangelical Christians (the only ones in their neighborhood), and so it has been encouraging to have conversations with my host mom Maria Jose. When I’ve struggled with something, she has helped talk me through it and pray about it, and likewise, I have gotten to encourage her especially as an evangelical in a country where so many people are not open to talking about faith.

After a little bit of observation and participation in the evangelical community here, I’ve been doing some reflection and prayer about what it’s like to be an evangelical Christian in Spain and how we could join God in what He is doing to bring new life and strength to His children here and those who are yet to meet Him. It’s exciting but I know the road ahead will be hard because it means nothing less than surrendering all to our King and making disciples!

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