Voices From the Edge – Caroline Pt. 2

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 7.35.15 PMCaroline continues to share the ways God has used her gifts and interests in her time with Edge.

…I have also seen the pure passion and love for Castilian Spanish and the country’s cultures, history, and geography open doors for loving others. Almost every single person I meet compliments me on my Spanish and/or accent, and that opens the door for me to talk about what I am passionate about and that this passion and talent is a gift that did not come from me. I also have been profoundly glad and thankful that God has given me a passion to study up on the different regions and geographical points of Spain, to the place where I know more or less exactly what people are talking about when they mention different parts of Spain. It brings so much more depth and realness to the conversation! I long to be able to build close enough friendships to where I can become open and candid about my relationship with God.

That leads me into the struggles I have been facing during my short time so far here. I love the people of Spain so much that naturally I want to be able to share the Gospel all at once with everyone I meet. It is a paradox however, that in order to best love them, I must enter on their terms and proceed slowly and patiently according to their upbringing in their own culture that has unfortunately seasoned them to turn against such things as God and organized religion. That was the first struggle I noticed, and I’m learning to grow in my cultural competency especially in this area. I have been learning that God loves them far more than I do, and He has sent me to be His ambassador along with my team, and that He will use us as we offer ourselves to BE is witnesses and lights in a dark world.

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