Vessels – Recap of an Amazing Night

Years ago I was introduced to a form of art called Fluxus. Like most art forms, it doesn’t make sense from the outside until someone gives you the key to understanding. Once you understand the mind behind the madness, a whole world of beauty opens up, where art is not just viewed, but participated in. Not only are the artists themselves participating, but the viewer is now part of the experience. It moved me.

What is Vessels? It’s a art experience. It’s an expression of art that holds its hand out to you and asks, “What do you hold inside that vessel of flesh and blood; what is contained within that is screaming to come out?”

Last Friday night Vessels “performed” at Fuller Seminary at the Culture Care Summit. This creative experience was brought alive with a #Storyteller#Painter#Dancer#Songwriter, as they brought forth the Legacy of Story.  It was amazing! CSLewis Foundation Founder, Stan Mattson was there amoung many others. You could hear a pin drop as many were pleasantly shocked with the powerful arts of unity and collaboration. It is the value of a broken vessel to the truth that God will always put it back together and have the design for our life reborn.

To learn more about Vessels, watches short video and stir your heart to create.

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