Un Vestido Blanco (A White Dress)

Farmers Market Altea,Spain

Farmers Market

It was only three days into our time with Edge, when we were able to experience our first market day. Every Tuesday, a full street is shut down and lined with booths containing fresh flowers, colorful fruits and vegetables, and other produce. It is a wonderful opportunity to practice our Spanish and have conversations with the locals. Money and goods are exchanged, as well as smiles and new friendships.

In addition to the produce market, another market awaits us on the other side of town, full of homemade goods, clothing, and gifts to take home to loved ones. It was on this beautiful morning that another participant and I decided to venture into the flea market. I was amazed at the rows of booths filled with beautiful fans, handcrafted leather bags, and people filling the streets. Walking through the rows and soaking in everything that was surrounding me, I suddenly had a desire to find a white dress.

We kept walking and turned the corner to another part of the market. We shared in the silence and took in the sights and sounds around us. In that moment of availability and awareness, I believe God gave me eyes to see. We had passed by many beautiful white dresses along the way, but none of them had pulled me in. Out of nowhere, I felt drawn to one hanging near the top of a booth, its white shape like a cloud against the blue sky. The dress may have looked ordinary, but it was soon going to bring about a very special moment.

I pulled my friend over with me to the booth. Even though the dress – as pretty as it was – didn’t overly amaze me, I felt a prompting within me to talk to the owner and ask how much it was. I talked with her in Spanish and I was met with a flood of Spanish words- too quick for me to even process. I turned to my friend, who lives in Spain, and as she explained, we came to understand the woman had thought I was Spanish! Once she realized I was visiting, she spoke more slowly.

imageI asked her name and then when she asked me mine I replied, “Raquel o Rachel”. I had been telling people the name Raquel – because it is easier for them to pronounce – but again I just decided to add Rachel on to the end. It was no accident that I had, because she then proceeded to say “Esto es un nombre Bíblico (This is a name in the Bible).” I soon found out she and her daughter were “believers,” meaning people who have put their faith in Christ.  We were all overjoyed. She was encouraged to see younger people following the Lord and it has been a delight seeing them during our time here.

It was beautiful for me to be a part of this moment for so many reasons, but especially because of it being a word fulfilled for me from God; before I left for Spain, I had a dream that the people I met on the plane had been believers and were very discouraged with little hope. When I met them and talked with them, God used me to be the exact encouragement they needed. In my dream, God had put it on my heart that He desired me to encourage everyone during my time in Spain. If I could walk away encouraging others in their faith, my heart would be overjoyed. To see this happen, only three days into our trip, has turned out to be just a beautiful taste of what the rest of our time at Edge will hold. To see the extraordinary in the ordinary can only be considered a beautiful gift from God.

Post and photos by Rachel Blaser, 2015 Edgie

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