Training Day was a Success!

01b56b9a-bb34-473a-a810-973341afbd8b[1]Here’s a message from Justin…




I left training day on Saturday so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us together. Thank you all for engaging fully in our Training Day. I know it was a long day with lots of info, but it will help us to start Edge Project on the right foot this June so we can make the most of our time together in Spain. And for those few who couldn’t be there, we will be in touch to bring you up to speed.

We will be sending you digital versions of the forms you signed on Saturday (the participation agreement, the liability release, and the model release) so you can have them for your own records. You will also receive the general info (with some basic arrival info, packing info, etc.) that I referred to at the end of the training day.


Focus: For those of you who were not there, we took some time to sit quietly before the Lord and asked Him to give each of us a word or phrase of direction or focus for this summer. This week, explore this word or phrase a bit further. Ask the Lord for further clarification or understanding of the word or phrase, so you have a clearer vision of what He has in store for you this summer. Try to find at least three Scriptures that correspond to the word or phrase (you may want to use a concordance to help you in doing this) and write them on page 17 of your journal. For those who did not receive the journals at training day, go ahead and complete the exercise in your own personal journal. Meditate on these verses in the coming weeks and mark at least one you would like to commit to memorize prior to coming to Spain. Begin memorizing it this week. We look forward to seeing how the Lord fulfills those promises and guides you in His plan He has for you individually this summer.0eeeed33-4323-4f37-a9cf-21a3b1bf22d5[1]


We need your giftings!

  • Is there anyone who enjoys working in video media? We are looking for a videographer who would enjoy capturing Edge Project 2016 on video as part of your artistic expression. Let us know…
  • If you have already completed Strengths Finders, go ahead and take 30 seconds to fill out this form here.  If finances are tight, there is also a similar test with some additional resources to help you identify your strengths here.
  • If you have already purchased your airline ticket, please grab your itinerary and take a few minutes to enter your flight information here.

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