3 Things That Define Edge, Part 1: ART

EDGE is Art

EDGE is Art

EDGE is Art

While on your cultural and creative journey in Spain, we try at every turn to include the Spanish people in what we do. We are not an independent enclave, a commune unto ourselves, but a group of people in the midst of something far greater. We are here to meet and mingle, to learn from the locals and in turn, share our lives with them. We do this through art.

We invite the Spanish people to join us in creative expression through hosting creative nights and art shows. Art appreciation is something that is central to European life; whether someone is personally artistic or not, they enjoy sharing in the creative experience. We believe that sharing Christ through the talents we’ve been given is about releasing our inner creativity to give glory to the ultimate Creator. 

Even if the locals don’t share our spiritual convictions, we choose to let our lives and creative abilities speak of God. We believe that creativity results from a God-given gift; we let it speak from our hearts and lives in ways that are as individual as we are. This is a means for us to express our faith in a way that is appealing and unintimidating to the locals, who readily embrace art, even when it’s mixed with spiritual convictions.

We believe art is a gift from God; an expression that mirrors the Creator in imagination. Why not use what God has given us to bring the world to Him, to catch a glimpse of Him in a new way, to see the God who sees and loves them?

Come create with EDGE.

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