The Journey Towards Edge

If you read about the encounters in the Bible that various people have – they are never the same. Whether it is a conversion experience or a call ot a ministry, God shows up in a different way with each person; sometimes it’s the still small voice, other times it’s the burning bush.

Edge started truly on January 20th 1985, when as husband and wife, Arianna and Steven knelt down beside their bed and asked God, “Is there anything you want  us to do or how can we please you with our lives?” It was then that he told us to “Come follow Me wherever I will lead you to go.”


While Edge didn’t begin for another 20 years, we began our journey that night, working full-time, volunteering our lives,  living in 4  different nations bringing cultural missions thru the arts, becoming church founders in Germany, going into the underground church in Eastern Europe before the wall fell, bringing the Bible to Greek families and working with the Charismatic Orthodox church and ultimately, launching in Spain a grass roots cultural arts mission – EDGE


Edge was preceded by years and years of serving the Lord in Europe thru the postmodern Christian era, spiritual awakenings, and raising four daughters.


All this lead to where we are now – establishing a thriving work amongst university students. Edge takes place on both continents; here in the US, we partner with some of the most distinguished Christian Universities to bring teams to our annual summer study abroad and cultural immersion course.


Edge project was birthed in the private spaces of our heart and has become a beacon bringing university students to a dying land.


What will God birth in your heart and what journey will you embark upon?


Let it begin with Edge.

Find out more – sign up today, space in limited.

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