The Faces and Hearts of Edge

arianna 1Arianna Caliguiri

Many of you may not know the faces and hearts behind the Edge Project. Edge was birthed about 10 years ago by Arianna and Steven Caliguiri. This couple and their 4 girls have spent almost 30 years as missionaries in Greece, Germany and finally, Spain. After having founded and served at Calvary Chapel Freiburg Germany for years, they handed over the church and headed out on a new adventure.

Their wanderings in Spain, soon brought them to Altea, where they embarked on a venture they hadn’t planned. How did Edge happen? That’s a good question that can’t be answered precisely. Unlike their other church-centered mission endeavors, Edge was far different. By combining their love for Christ, culture and the arts, Edge has morphed into the creative, evolving, spiritual experience it is today .

Now continuing with Edge on her own, Arianna has given her years of dance, cultural, linguistic, storytelling and faith experiences to God and allowed Him to change and grow Edge. As a strong mentor and teacher who has an outgoing and abundantly loving personality, she has bathed Edge in her love and enthusiasm for God and people.

As a mother of 4 grown daughters and  grandmother, Arianna now lives in southern California for most of the year, where she visits university campuses to speak and share about Edge, teaches dance and yoga and works directly with the Edge team. Yet, she spends three months every summer where her true passion lies, at Edge in Altea, Spain.

Edge was birthed by a creative soul allowing God to do His work and continues to grow and change lives each and every year.

Justin Gerry

Justin Gerry - Edge's Newest Staff Member

Edge’s Spiritual Care Pastoral Director, Justin Gerry, has shared a longtime friendship with the Caliguiris as their paths and ministries have overlapped may times over the last 18 years. While a missionary with a church plant in Slovenia, Justin and his wife were mentored by the Caliguiris who partnered with him to plant his church. As is church grew, it became the sister church to theirs in Freiburg.

Even after the Caliguiri’s move to Spain, Justin was  part of the ministry. In the subsequent years, Justin was  part of the launching and developing of Edge and joined with them for their first 3 month stint in 2007 in addition to a number of times since.

In addition to his pastoral gifts, he is a lover of the arts and their use in sharing God; his first experience in foreign missions was with a youth performing team in 1994, when he effectively used the arts to share the Gospel cross-culturally.  Once the church in Slovenia was planted, he and his team developed a performing arts program in the native tongue to create a new and unique platform for ministry and evangelism.  Even after handing over the church to local leadership in 2013, they still see the Slovenian church using music and the arts as a platform for ministry.

Over the years, Justin and his family have participated with Edge Projects and has now come on to serve as Edge director and also serves on the mission board,  “I saw such a need for the Gospel and the teaching of God’s Word throughout Europe. I love Spain and the people and enjoy being a part of God’s continued witness to reach the Spaniards through Edge Project, year after year. I also enjoy the discipleship dynamic of each summer’s group and watching the lives of Edge participants transform through Christ’s love and His Word.”

A perfect pairing of God and a love for adventure, culture and the arts has brought Edge Project to a place where Arianna and Justin cannot even begin to imagine what is held in store for them as 2016 Edge takes off.