Terry Clark Interviews Arianna

Arianna Caliguiri EDGE Director

Arianna Caliguiri
EDGE Director

Last week we mentioned that Arianna was interviewed by Christian singer Terry Clark on his radio show.

Arianna takes us on an honest look at the turns our lives take and the difficult trials we endure along the way. As old friends, Arianna (Aryn) is free to open up with Terry and share parts of her life we may not otherwise have known.

If you want to understand the purpose of Edge Project, where it came from and most importantly, the heart behind it, then check out the interview here.

If you’re on the “edge” about Summer Edge 2015 and unsure if this is the adventure for you, we recommend that you take a listen to know the heart behind the passion that drives Edge to share the love of God through culture and art.

Arianna has a  very unique voice in today’s Christian world and for many, what she speaks is a blessing, a breath of fresh air and a chance for creatives to relate and find their shared expression of faith. Often times the creative or artistic person fails to find their niche in mainstream faith and they develop spiritual wounds that only seem to deepen the more interaction they have with church, but here with Edge, we are doing church differently, we are doing faith different, we are expressing the love of God differently, and we hope it will set you free to live and love Him.

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