Summer Reflection – Katherine Peiffer

Edge Summer Program

Edge Summer Program

Katherine: A 2 part glimpse into life on the EDGE

Part 1

Altea, Spain is a place composed of many cultures, colors and languages; a mosaic juxtaposed with textures of life that come alive in a place that embodies a living postcard. Having had the opportunity to observe and partake in the bustling heat of Altea’s daily adventures, it was beautiful to witness God moving in a tender and intentional way.

To me, a mosaic represents art patiently rendered from fragments of brokenness, that in their individual form appear to be nothing more than ordinary, yet when arranged by the master’s hand, it is made beautiful. We might not be able to recognize what is being created as each piece is placed, yet when patience, love and an eye for transformation are given time, the mosaic reveals a work beyond our wildest imaginings. I think God demonstrates His exquisite patience in seeing us in our state of brokenness as having the potential to be made lovely, by allowing our stories, the talents and gifts that He has imparted in us to become adopted into a kingdom perspective. Each piece has value. All are welcome.

 When we allow the Lord to guide our steps, He teaches us how to number our days as the eyes of our hearts are opened by love.


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