Summer Reflection – Katherine Peiffer – Part 2

God's making a mosaic out of our lives

God’s making a mosaic out of our lives

Part 2

My time in Altea with Edge Project was as a blink of the eye this summer; the daily routine enabled our team to encounter people who were in need of being seen and loved – reaching out a hand of compassion or an ear to listen. By integrating ourselves into the Spanish culture, we came with the message of God’s faithfulness and love, yet we were taught by the very people we were called to serve.

We came with no other expectation than the conviction that God was going before us – for He is the maker of miracles, as He has already performed them in transforming our hearts, minds and spirits. After all, how can you measure a work of the heart? God takes our expectations and exceeds them, taking small beginnings and seeds of faith to yield a harvest sown with joy. It is impossible to quantify love or tangibly know what lies within a spirit, long dormant, slowly being awakened. Although we might not see the fruits of our labor, faith is the key, giving us the assurance that God is the Author of all things and will redeem the time. In all things, He will be glorified and uses each opportunity to perfection.

Our mosaic is one of may colors and textures, the stories we share bringing God’s heart for restoration and love, each drawn near to approach boldly the throne of Jesus.  As we ask Him to use us, it comes with the anticipation of the unknown; over everything, in His presence we find our strength by standing in His glory with a song of redemption proclaiming for all nations the beauty of freedom in Jesus name. Strength for the journey’s still to be made and the stories to be told, we are living a life on the Edge as we follow our hearts in pursuit of His face.


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