Summer Edgies 2015

Summer Edgies 2015

Summer Edgies 2015

This weekend has been very busy for Edge 2015 with our Edge 2015 Summer Edgies meeting for the first time!

Every year I stand in awe of the work God has done to hand pick each and every person who joins us on this adventure. With a new mix of people, new outlook, new goals, new group chemistry every year, it’s impossible to predict all that God will do.

I look forward, not only to what I will learn this summer, but what unique adventures God has in store for each of the Edgies and our staff members; I can’t even begin to imagine what will take place, what lives will be touched, what people we will meet.

As I reminisce over the last  years of Edge, I know that it’s not about a small handful of people and their lives, but hundreds of people all over the world who are making summer plans, having no idea what God has in store for them. I believe God has each of them on His radar, completely unbenounced to them, they are on His mind and He is orchestrating, changing, thwarting, creating plans according to His perfect timing.

None of us are spinning tops set loose to whirl unattended, we are divinly lead and purposeful.

I’m not going to lie, there is a part of me that looks forward to how I will be changed and touched by each of the lives I come in contact with this summer. Every year is a new opportunity to stretch and grow and be touched and encouraged and healed. I need Summer Edge just as much as those attending; while the preparation process is wonderful, enjoying the culmination of all our bustle and activity is my passion.   Edge is not just about envisioning, but living.

This year is no different.

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