Summer 2017

I was talking with a couple at church today about vacations. They had made the mistake – more than once – of joining a cruise for the elderly. While the couple is in their 60’s, they are very young at heart and said in order to keep their sanity, they had to make a contest out of finding alternate routes to everywhere they went, in order to bypass the sea of walkers and wheelchairs. They wanted an adventure, but at a much faster pace.

Are you looking for an adventure?

Consider joining Edge 2017 in Altea, Spain for a time of spiritual growth and formation.

Why would anyone consider Edge?

Well, it combines  little of everything you want in an adventure: travel, culture, food, making friends, discovering new places and making not only memories, but an opportunity to transform your life. Everyone comes to Edge for a different reason and everyone gets something different out of it.

While everyone is challenged on a cultural level, Edge seeks to go even deeper and challenge your soul. What gift have you been given that you’ve left untouched? Edge provides opportunities for creative talents to surface and be expressed.

Not creative? Not a problem. Edge is also about appreciating the abilities of others and giving people a safe place to express the Lord of God to others. Edge is also about taking the love of God into the community:

Shawn Thomas, 2016 Edgie shares his experience:

I have been continually interacting with God while here is Altea. I feel like God has really reiterated to me my freedom to use my giftings freely in serving him. I don’t necessarily need a specific roadmap or revelations on specific items in my life course. On the contrary, He is faithful to reveal and show me things or draw me to things as I step out in faith and move in the gifts He’s given me. I also have enjoyed being a team member at the Edge Project, but I also have felt from God a growing desire and passion to create and facilitate my own organization or group with a purpose back home, or somewhere around the world. God has really been reiterating the things that I love to do and have giftings for. They can be used anywhere and in any context!

Interested in learning more? Check out our website and consider enrolling. We are currently accepting applications, but don’t wait too long, space is limited.



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