Saying “Yes”

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I walked into Edge Project not knowing a single other person, not fully understanding the program’s purpose or what was in store for me during the month to follow; however, I did know what I was in need of.

I needed healing; I needed to lay a season of life to rest, and I needed to hear God’s voice again. I needed Him to stir up my heart, and to offer me a fresh start; and I wasn’t the only one.

Friday morning of the 3rd week, we all had the privilege of coming together to witness and celebrate the baptism of one of our Edgies. Shortly after sunrise, we huddled at the shore of the glistening Mediterranean Sea and watched as she publicly declared her love for Jesus and her decision to follow Him all of the days of her life – a life that would never be the same again. Dry feet and eyes were equally as hard to spot while we all watched this beautiful act of surrender.

Our expectation was to be one and done, as she was the only one we were there for. But then, as He always does, God began to move within our group. One by one, He stirred the hearts of four other Edgies and one of our new local friends to come forward and be baptized in His name again.

To be healed. To lay a season of life to rest. To respond to His audible call.

And then there were six.

It’s so easy to just gloss over that statement and just see it as a number. But those are 6 heartbeats, 6 souls, 6 stories, 6 journeys. And the best part? Only one of them planned on it. The other 5 heard God call, and responded to Him immediately.

I remember that morning I wore jeans. I also didn’t roll them up, and then stood at the shore of the Sea as waves crashed up onto my legs. I just wanted to remember this, to take it all in. And I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t even care. The sticky sand, the sticky jeans, and the sticky tears on my cheeks – I hardly even noticed these things that would normally displease me. I’m not usually that present; it’s honestly something I struggle with. I tend to drift mentally, but in that moment I was there, all there – all in.

Throughout my walk with God, the times I have been most inspired was when I saw people say “yes” to Him. There is something just so captivating about a simple, small word being proclaimed to such a complex, intricate, great, glorious God.

Now as all of us 30+ Edgies start getting back to our regular routines of work, school, responsibilities, etc., we can hold on to each individual “yes” we proclaimed during our time in Altea. For some of us it was on that day on the shore. For others it was at an art gallery night, or maybe even during personal devotions.

But for all of us one thing remains true, we will never be the same again.

Photo credits to Megan Sauder and Hollis Chiu

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