Reentry and Anyone Feeling Lost?

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 7.57.05 PMDid anyone wake up this morning wondering, “What just happened?”

After juggling the mixed emotions of a tearful goodbye, followed by hours of weary travel and a homecoming into your realm of familiarity, you may be wrestling with the stark contrast of the experience you just had in Spain and the life back home you call your own.  You may wonder if Edge was just a dream, or an alternate universe, or a parallel reality.  You were just in Spain, and now that you are gone you wonder if that every really happened, or did you just make it up?

Let me assure you, you did NOT make it all up. It really happened. You DID walk the streets of Altea. You DID flourish in community. You DID hear the voice of God. It was not a dream … it was a blessing that is yours to cherish.

Many of you shed tears when you departed (if not outwardly, at least inwardly in your hearts).  For days prior to your departure you wrestled with the realities of leaving and the sense of being torn away.  And these are all very natural to experience as you embrace the blessings God has given, but then release those same blessings to the Lord. Please do not be robbed of your blessing now that you have returned home.

Though you may feel you have “lost” something with your return home, nothing is lost. 
All those wonderful memories, the seeds you planted, and the transformation that took place within each one of you at Edge Project 2016 are indeed yours to carry with you.  Enjoy the blessings you took with you.  AND, embrace the blessings God has waiting for you right where you are at the moment.

Remember the story in Acts when Philip is told by the Spirit to go down South, and when he does he has the chance to lead the Ethiopian in the chariot to Christ and baptize him right then and there?  Once Philip’s work is done with the eunuch, Acts 8:39,40 says, “Now when they came up out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away, so that the eunuch saw him no more; and he went on his way rejoicing.  But Philip was found at Azotus.  And passing through, he preached in all the cities till he came to Caesarea.”

When it was time to go, the Spirit whisked Philip away. It was not end…he had MORE to do, specifically in Azotus and Caesarea. And as Philip submitted to the Spirit in being caught away, he went on his way REJOICING. While your heart may be sad that Edge is over, REJOICE in what you were able to experience together for those four weeks, AND, be on the lookout for the NEW things God has for you to do and participate in. Because you faithfully completed all He had for you at Edge Project, He can now open doors and reveal the new things He has for you next.

We focused much this summer on “being.”  BE where you are today.  BE present.  BE engaged.  Allow yourself to reflect and adjust and re-enter your life at a peaceful pace, but try not to let the emotions of leaving and re-entry send you down a road of heaviness and despair and rob you of the chance of sharing the fruit of the blessings you experienced this summer and now get to carry with you wherever you go.

Leaving Edge was not the end…it was the beginning. God brought you to Spain to reveal more of Himself, His purposes, and His ways. Now is the time that the real blessings begin, as you reap the fruit of all He did in you.  And He has more for you that He could NOT have delivered to you if you HAD remained at Edge Project.

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