Redefine EDGE!

Summer EDGE 2015

Summer EDGE 2015

For some people the idea of going to a foreign country, stumbling through a foreign language and customs is the last place to discover who you are. But sometimes, stepping away from life, as you know it, is the best way to come face to face with a new side of you.

Edge Project isn’t about Edge as much as it’s about you. Edge is truly an ever-evolving enterprise. It changes each year as new people help define what it is, both in theory and in practice.  Edge will change as you join and become a part of the experience.

Edge isn’t about being static or functioning within an established program that doesn’t need tweaking. We want Edge to be tweaked; we look forward to the redefinition of Edge Project that will come as you live and experience it.

Edge comes from the premise that God is not enclosed within our ideas of Him; we don’t redefine Him, but instead are part of revealing Him. We believe another understanding of God is revealed as your step out and use your gifts.

Are you an artist? Writer? Linguist? Dancer?  Adventurer? Lover of God? Do you enjoy other cultures, foods, traditions? Do you love people? Maybe you can’t give a definite “YES!” to any of these things but are interested in finding out if there’s a part of you, you haven’t yet discovered.

We welcome you!

Edge is about culture, faith and art and the discovery and expression of these three in ways that are as varied as you. Just as we don’t put limits on the work and person of God, we don’t put limits on how you may want to express culture, faith and art.

Edge isn’t an experience; it’s more of a starting point or a place of discovery that you don’t leave behind as your come home. Edge is the beginning of something new that will continue to evolve once you return to your life. Your life that will never be the same.

We are now accepting applications for Summer Edge 2015. Take a look and contact us with any questions.

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