A Gathering Place ~ El Diseño


El Diseño is the EDGE Art Gallery and Collective in Altea-Alicante, Spain: A small community of people and artists living together with the commitment to love, create, and honor each other with the teachings of Christ. Their journey of self discovery is one of wonder and creative explosion.

Living Art on the EDGE

Be transformed from the inside out and discover the freedom to redesign your life from within.

Who can participate?

People come who want to live in community and share the creative journey of expressing life through the arts. Some come to volunteer their time and resources in our community. Others come to design their life and seek something new & refreshing. While others come to create their art in a collective fashion. Still others seeking the spiritual journey of faith. Together we all are contributing to the community as designers, helping each other to create space for connection with our friends into the larger artist community in Altea, Spain. This next season we are seeking those who want to help facilitate the repair and use of our art gallery for local artists and performers. It needs to be completely restored from water damage and structural deterioration from years of water saturation. We host travelers and share meals together while designing events for the larger artist community here in Spain who seek to connect with our “family” here.