Power of Partnership

This last week Arianna was embraced by Wheaton College. Still standing in awe of all God did, she shared with her staff the beauty of being welcomed and accepted by so many individuals and departments at the school and that this is just the beginning of a fruitful relationship.

From the beginning, Arianna was invted to speak about the vision of Edge to over 50 students who gathered, “It was like the Red Sea was parted for us!” arynThe response was so warm and a ripple of excitement was in the room. Arianna and Edge were not only embraced by the students, but Arianna was invited to join Spanish Literature classes and made contact with theater and art professors.  “The Christian Outreach department now wants to consider partnering with us and I was invited to come back in September to meet their board,” shares Arianna.

Tober and Arianna

2015 Edgie, Tober Corrigan, who attends Wheaton, said that since leaving the Edge program in Spain this last summer, he hadn’t been able to experience the same vitality until that night as Arianna shared about the program. Arianna was thrilled to connect with Tober and see the excitement sparked in the lives of the students, “We had over 50 students come to our breakout session.” She freely discussed the pillars of the Edge philosophy: being real and forming organic friendships as a vital means to effectively sharing the Gospel.  She also discussed ways to make the Bible relevant to those who don’t believe, “It was over the top in the way we made amazing contacts and meeting students who are just hungry for art, culture, faith and relational missions.”

Please be praying for Arianna as she is at Fuller Seminary this week and Vanguard next week.

Edge is currently accepting applications for 2016 Edge Project.

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