On the Edge of Opportunities

The beauty of God’s message is that it isn’t just for one time or one people, one age group with one mode of sharing and receiving. The Good News of God’s love is something that transcends time and age group; it is living and ever-evolving to meet people right where they are and in a way they can relate to it. This enables them to then share it with others.

Edge has been an amazing journey of sharing faith through art and culture – not just one way, but in a way that is shaped by those involved; it isn’t stagnant, but ever-changing and growing.

There is so much criticism today of Millennials, but honestly, has there ever been a new generation that the older fully embraced and understood? No, there hasn’t been. What amazes me about this generation is there insistence upon looking outside themselves for meaning; their dream job can’t be that unless there’s a cause tied to it – a greater good. Isn’t this something that should be applauded?

From its birth, Edge has been a project that reaches beyond itself. Through art – your art – and creating – your creations – and expressing – your experiences, Edge is taking the love of God to Spain not only to deposit it among the people there, but to appreciate and receive all the Spaniards have to offer – their art, their creations and their experiences.

This year we have been given so many opportunities to share. We have been a guest at the C. S Lewis Foundation, various universities and have joined with Vessels as they shared the beauty of storytelling, art, dance and songwriting. The prospects to share just continue to grow – why? Because Edge reflects what’s most important to those involved and who then have the freedom to express their faith without confines.

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