Nice to Meet You!

Meet Edge Project

Meet Edge Project

Getting to know someone takes time. And knowing someone in one context is just a fraction of who that person really is. To truly know someone, you have to spend a considerable amount of time with them and to see them in different settings.


Edge Project is no different.


We try to show you who we are from all angles; that’s why we have so many opportunities to understand and experience Edge.


One of the best ways is to read through the personal account of Edgies who have experienced the program in Spain, in the flesh and have been challenged and changed through it. Take a read through the transparent and personal entries from former participants.


Follow us on social media. Take a look at our Facebook page and peruse the pictures, read our statuses from last summer and hear what was happening on a daily bases; learn about our trials, adventures, new friends and personal challenges.


Follow us on Instagram. Being that Edge is heavy driven by creativity,  experiencing it through photography, provides a special point of view. Catch glimpses of Edge in action during the school year at universities around California and follow our journey from the planning phase to Edge in action.


Get to know our founder, Arianna. Read her bio, listen to her presentations at universities where she shares not only about Edge, but her personal and creative journey. Take a listen to her recent interview on a nationwide radio station.

Almost forgot our YouTube channel – yes even YouTube: check us out in action:


Transparency is at the heart of Edge and we have so many opportunities to get to know the program, the people behind it and those who have been through the life changing experience of Edge Project in Altea, Spain.


Before you decide to join us this summer, get to know us.



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