Meet The EDGE Summer 2014 Staff

Arianna, EDGE executive Director
Arianna, EDGE executive Director

Arianna is the Executive Director of Edge Project, which transforms lives from the inside out. As an inspirational speaker, educator, mentor, and arts and cultural philanthropist, she is passionate about relationships and connecting people through their own unique skills and creative ideas. Using her own gifts of storytelling and dance to inspire, Arianna is a family educator, childbirth educator, but above all, a mom, wife and follower of Christ.

Having lived in Europe since 1986, she enjoys sharing life experiences and her passion for God, to build global respect for faith, culture, community and artistic spiritual expressions and to challenge this generation to live with purpose. Her philosophy on leadership is simple: People first. Always. She will inspire you to live out your passion and help you discover purpose. She has sought to be a mentor to those who want one, a mom to anyone who needs one and a friend to everyone.

Arianna and her husband Steven have raised their family in Greece, Germany and Spain, so she speaks four languages. They are parents and friends to their four beautiful daughters and two precious grand-children.

When not in Europe, she spends her time in southern California, and loves to dance, travel, eat healthy food, enjoy good literature and music, teach family yoga, and swing dance.


Xara Caligiuri

From: San Diego, CA Associate Director of Edge Project

lover of people, Encourager of all cultures, Community minded, Hospitable, Massage therapist, Professional Nanny, Esthetician, Speaks 3 languages, and is European at heart.

Xara has lived in more parts European than North American. She has spent more time on the Mediterranean sharing life with others than driving down the I-5 with a Starbucks to go. If you asked her where home is, she would tell you Altea as much as it is Southern California. A woman of deep empathy, rich faith, and cultural perspective, Xara leads by example, living her life by loving others wherever she is.

Matt Barrios From: La Mirada, CA Spiritual Director at the center, I know my identity is in Christ, and sometimes I even feel like it is. I really want to live a life obedient to the Spirit’s prompting (or at least how I discern his prompting). I’m a heck of a sinner who’s really intentionally pursuing the saintliness Christ calls me to. Music matters a lot to me, along with writing, telling stories, and talking. My training is in spiritual direction — a form of counseling dedicated to helping people explore the spiritual dynamics in their lives — and I just finished my M.A. in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care. I love to sing and dance, but rarely both at the same time. Two mottos I live my life by: “If it ain’t vulnerable, it ain’t Barrios” and “I perceived that there is nothing better for them than to be joyful and to do good as long as they live; also that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all his toil — this is God’s gift to man” (Ecclesiastes 3:12, 13 ESV).   Noah Jenks From: Sonora, CA 6th and 7th grade English teacher i truly believe that creativity and adventure are defining themes in our life. I love creating, music, photography, cooking, finding new things to do to at our house or exciting places to visit. I love to be outdoors whenever possible — hiking through Yosemite, week long backpacking trips, trails near our home or just working around the house. Family is a focal point of our life and it is amazing getting to live so close to so much of our family. We are so excited to build and live in community with you all this summer; learning and growing together!

Katie Jenks From: Sonora, CA High School Special Needs Aide & Mom i enjoy adventures with Noah and traveling the world. I love dancing with Noah, our daughter Eliana and our dog Gypsy in the kitchen while we cook, or reading a great book, creating paint- ings or random modge-podged pieces of art, gardening, singing with people in Tanzania, Africa or backpacking with people in India. I love going on weekend hikes, babysitting my nieces Liberty and Adessa, having spontaneous dinners weekly with my whole family, photography, volunteering at our church’s food closet and participating in other ministry areas at our church, as well as working out and being active outside any time I possibly can. I also love finding unique bottles and vintage cameras and I think tie-dye is rad. One day I hope Noah and I, with our kids, will have traveled to every continent on earth!

Weyman and Susan From: San Diego, CA Founders of Healing Waters Ministry weyman and Susan Howard are the founders and directors of Healing Waters Ministry and have been doing so full time since 1997. They have been traveling internationally and within the United States for over a decade to share the beauty of God’s love and to disciple others to walk in the love that God defines in His word, a love that is transforming, healing and never fails. Their main purpose is to call the church back to the heart of the Father and to her one main goal….to love the Lord her God with all her heart, soul, mind and strength and her neighbor as herself….to, above all else, do all things out of LOVE. Weyman and Susan are international speakers, authors and mentors to many church and ministry leaders. They teach a seminar and discipleship program called LoveWorks….teach- ing others God’s true definition of love found beautifully in the scriptures; in I Corinthians 13. They are parents to four beau- tiful children and a son-in law…and they anxiously await the arrival of their first grandchild. And as a family, they not only have a goal to love others well….but to be a light of God’s love to a hurting world. They value highly the beauty of working side by side with their children to love the hurting.

Amanda Garcia EDGE Creative Director
Amanda Garcia
EDGE Creative Director

Amanda Garcia Creative Director   Creatively speaking, I am a writer and artist who just self-published her first graphic novel: Good Friday and Other Misconceptions. On a personal level, I left the States right after high school to live abroad in Russia, for a short time and Hungary for much longer. I met my husband, Armando, there and together we traveled, visited bookshops, drank Grappa and made memories that launched me into a life of writing. I believe the majority of who I am today was forged in the fires of these years and by the people I met. By day I spend my time enjoying my husband,  raising our two hilarious kiddos, missing Europe,  marketing pap about the life changing effects of Botox and other shallow capitalistic marketing schemes, and trying to figure out my faith while posing as a pastor’s wife.


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