Meet the Edge Staff – Part 2, Justin

Justin Gerry

Justin Gerry

Justin Gerry, Edge’s Spiritual Care Pastoral Director, is no stranger to foreign missions, the combining of art and culture with faith. Having been associated with the Caliguiri family and Edge for years, Justin has had the joy of watching the program progress from an idea to a reality.


“I was invited to guest speak at the 2nd Edge Project, which was a semester-long program in the spring in which 4 students were enrolled – I think it was spring 2007.  This summer will mark the 3rd Summer Edge project I have served at, in addition to teaching Summer Edge in 2009, 2013 and 2014.


As a missionary and church planter in Slovenia for 14 years, Justin was drawn to the program for a number of reasons,  “I saw such a need for the Gospel and the teaching of God’s Word throughout Europe. I love Spain and the people and enjoy being a part of God’s continued witness to reach the Spaniards through Edge Project, year after year. I also enjoy the discipleship dynamic of each summer’s group and watching the lives of Edge participants transform through Christ’s love and His Word.”


The use of creativity to share the Gospel first made its way into his life about 20 years ago, “My first experience in foreign missions was with a youth performing team in 1994, with which we effectively used the arts to share the Gospel cross-culturally.  Once we planted the church in Slovenia we developed a performing arts program in the native tongue to create a new and unique platform for ministry and evangelism.  Even after handing over the church to local leadership in 2013, we still see the Slovenian church using music and the arts as a platform for ministry.”


Although never having been through the Edge Program personally, he has learned so much about the Lord and himself each time he serves as a leader using his pastoral giftings of leadership and teaching.


So, why is Edge important according to Justin? “Each year’s Edge Project is different and yet it always results in transforming the lives of those attending and reaching the hearts of the people in Altea.”

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