Meet Sean Hancock.

Sean grew up in Montana before moving to the big city of LA in pursuit of an acting career. At just the right time, God provided him an improvisation ministry that set him on the road to transformation and his involvement with Tlc International. He explains, “When I gave God everything that I had, He blessed me with an experience people never get a chance to have” (1 Cor. 2:9).

After this summer’s Edge Project, Sean moved to San Diego and is now working alongside Steven and Arianna to breathe new life into the Tlc Mission and Summer Edge Project 2010. After living in LA for three years, spending six months in Europe, and having the Edge experience this past summer, his eyes have been opened to God’s creative work in the States and abroad.  He says, “Art doesn’t care what language you speak. It just wants to be expressed. It allows God to work through us and create. Art leads to conversation, which leads to relationships that plant seeds of God’s transformation.”

Sean will be living stateside for six months, bringing in contacts from LA to develop the artistic creativity of Tlc International and Edge. He will be using improv to reach people on a level he knows best.  Lord willing, he will go to Spain for six months, establishing and preparing the way for the 2010 Summer Edge Project. He explains, “This internship is an example of what can happen when you surrender to God creatively, artistically, spiritually, and physically…I’m free to create and add my own self to the project.”