Meet Cari, EDGE’s Director

Cari Jenkins

Cari Jenkins

Cari Jenkins joined the EDGE staff in 2013 and has since become the program director. From her bio alone, the fact that she is a perfect match for EDGE is indisputable, “I am a daughter. A friend. I’m a lover of the table, know the impact a good story and the power of blessing others. I believe courage is given away when we speak life over one another. And, believe beauty expresses the extravagant love of the Father for His creation. I am an extraverted mystic who pastors a growing number of artists, leaders, neighbors and strangers alike for their good and the flourishing of communities.”


Honestly, that is EDGE in just a few paragraphs and the expression of those who are truly a part of it. She continues to share her place in this year’s project, “I am passionate about people knowing who they are in Jesus and living out of their truest identity to bring blessing to the world. I am artistic and desire to see artists use their gifts to tell His story.


Although never having experienced EDGE as a student, her years of working with creatives has paved the way for this opportunity, “I do a lot of work with artists. For the past 10 years I’ve fed into and mentored artists as a part of my personal work,” so continuing to pour into them while in Altea and back in the States as a part of EDGE is a perfect fit. This summer Cari is looking to use her gifts of hospitality, teaching, discipling and mentoring.


So in Cari’s words, Why is EDGE important? “EDGE is important because it creates a space for men and women to develop as artists, lean into their created image and learn how to relationally bring the gospel to others.”


We look forward to  hearing about all the ways God will bless the staff this summer in the endeavor.


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