Maybe This Year…You

Stephanie Davis 2016 Edgie

Have you ever been so well acquainted with the big picture that you miss the details? I do this all the time. When I’m driving to work, I ‘m looking at the traffic, thinking about my day, maybe listening to something and it’s as if I have blinders on. There are times when I stop and look around and this time of year, I may notice the snow on the tops of the mountains after the rain (yes, even in California) or the color of the sky as the sun sets over the ocean. All that was there, probably everyday, but I missed it.

Maybe you’ve received Edge newsletters for years or follow us on Facebook or Instagram and are well acquainted, even supported an Edgie – you’re comfortable with who we are, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “Would I ever want to be a part of Edge?”

I meet people all the time who pray for our ministry but who never have thought about taking part, themselves, in the Edge Project. Maybe they don’t have the funds, perhaps they think they’re too old, maybe they think they’re not creative or have nothing to offer. Maybe all those things.

Have you ever thought about Edge as a summer trip, as you would camping or to Disney World, something you save for and spend your time off on? Maybe this year think about joining us in Altea, Spain and participating in Edge 2017. Perhaps this year, you can offer yourself – Here I am Lord, let’s have an adventure.

Maybe this is the year you use a gift you’ve left dormant for years or you unearth a hidden treasure within yourself. Maybe this year, you step out and live EDGE.

Have questions? Take a look here to learn more.



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