Living Outside Yourself

making new friends faces drawn on finger tipsStephanie – Living in Community.

I’ve also learned to love others better by looking outward. Since I was forced to always be in community, I didn’t have an abundance of time to sit alone and be introspective. Consistently being around other people forced me to be more aware of their needs rather than my own.

For example, some people in my house desired to have no dishes sitting in the sink. Generally, I am not the tidiest person therefore it normally wouldn’t bother me. However, when I found out that it bugged people in my house it began to bother me as well because it was important to them. It is similar to when we get to know God, our desires begin to align with His. Being aware of other people’s needs helps you to love them better.

Since I was looking out instead of down of my phone or inward, I could see when people were not feeling well and I was able to comfort them. When we look inward too long we forget that other people are hurting and need you and you need them. Often you might find that you are not the only one struggling with a certain thing, but you have to open up your mouth and speak. Living in community fosters vulnerability. You cannot live in such a tight space and not see someone hurting.

We are human, we hurt. We are human, we need comfort.

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