Is Summer EDGE 2015 For You?

Summer Edge 2015

Summer Edge 2015

EDGE is now accepting applications for our Summer 2015 Edge Project. If you are looking for an international adventure that combines your love for God, travel, culture and art, take a look at what Edge has to offer.


What is Edge?

Edge is really without definition because we are continually evolving with each person who joins.  We are a communal group living in Altea, Spain that gathers together a love for culture and Christ and finds creative ways to not only express our gifts, but to share Christ naturally, through friendships. We offers stays of varying lengths that give you a taste of international living in an organic and simple setting.


Who is Edge for?


Edge is for everyone. Most of our participants are of college age, but our doors are open to people of all ages and backgrounds who have an appreciation for God and enjoy sharing His work in other people’s lives. Edge is for the adventurous – those who want to experience living in another country, while open to the work God wants to do in their lives. We seek to help one another find and then use our creative abilities to express God in individualized ways.


If you are looking for a new experience this next summer that combines culture, art and faith, then check out what Edge has to offer and take the plunge. Earn college credit, seek an internship, live communally with other spiritually-minded people in a free-spirited, creatively-fueled, faith-based group.


Not sure about if Edge is for you?


Take a look at our testimonials and hear from former Edgies about their experiences with us in Spain. Ask questions. Come to our informational meetings. See if we are already connected to your college or university. Real through the website and blogs and check us out on YouTube.


Help define what Edge is by joining us in summer of 2015.

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