In the Spirit of Giving…

Edge has not only been a product of its visionaries,

it is has been sustained by those who have partnered and financially given over the years and those who continue to give.

  This ministry belongs to you. Thank you!

As we reflect over the past 12 months of EDGE 2015, we stand in awe. Thinking back to where we were a year ago – changes in staff, growth in sustainability, more lives transformed with the gospel of love, the pending loss of El Diseno and then the miracle of restoration, solid partnerships with 8 Universities, new internships developed, and then this year we had some personal struggles behind the scenes – we can have no other response than gratefulness and in awe. We are grateful for all that God has done and stand in awe of the surprises and blessings we had no hint were coming.


As we look to EDGE 2016, there are two areas that we want to

focus on with your attention and support.


Arianna from Edge

Arianna from Edge


Supporting our Founder
With the new year approaching, many people are wanting to give at the end of this year. We invite you to give to the family of Edge Project. One way we could use your help, is by supporting Arianna directly.
As the founder and CEO of EDGE Project, Arianna, with the help of many, has built the program from the ground up and voluntarily takes on its responsibilities daily.
 Throughout the year, she is visiting universities, speaking on campuses and promoting EDGE at vareity of Artistic Events. Some involve Creative & Innovative Gatherings, Chapels, Conferences, Upstart organizations, and she keeps the team sustainable while bringing awareness to the program. There is alot of dedication here and mostly a labor of love, as working for a
non-profit always is.
This being said, Arianna could use your support.
As you consider supporting any charitable organization this year, remember Arianna.
Scholarship Fund
Supporting Edgies
Summer EDGE

Summer EDGE

Another way to support EDGE is by providing a scholarship for a student or volunteer staff who is looking to attend EDGE PROJECT 2016.

It is challenging for students to raise the necessary funds to participate. If you believe in the program and consider the opportunity to participate to be a life changing experience, please consider helping a student on this adventure.
Don’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect of paying the entire cost, any amount would be a tremendous blessing.
If you’re able to give, please click here
Again, thank you for your continual support for EDGE. We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to the unforeseen blessings (and challenges) ahead.

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