God is Speaking

God is speaking

God is speaking

I recently had a child ask me if I would do a particular thing if God “told you to.”  The question came in response to a worship song he was singing along to in the back seat:

Where you go, I’ll go, where you stay, I’ll stay… I will follow you. 

What they were asking about was something clearly contrary to the Word of God, so that was an easy one: God would never ask me to do that without probable cause or Biblical justification – don’t worry, I said it in a way a kid would understand: God doesn’t ask us to do things that He has said is wrong.

But what about those things that aren’t so black and white? What about those elusive gray areas; does God speak to us regarding those areas?

This isn’t so clear, as I tried to explain to this kid. God can certainly choose to speak to us in extraordinary ways – case in point – Saul on the road to Damascus – there was literally no way around that:


Sometimes God speaks to us through the Bible.

Sometimes God speaks to us through other people. 

These are often supernatural instances or at the least, rather “coincidental”.

What I answered to this child was that sometimes, perhaps most of the time, God “speaks” to us in very practical ways. Often times He directs us in ways we’re already leaning. I have always had an interest in spiritual things, traveling, languages, creativity and family so is it any wonder that God chose me to be a missionary, creative mentor, linguist and doula? No, it just makes sense.

Thessalonians 4:3 says, “For this is the will of God, your sanctification.” Paul goes on to urge us to avoid sexual immorality. Aside from the big pitfalls to avoid, God’s will is rather broad and beautiful.

In my experience, I’ve often had selective hearing when it comes to God. But what is so ironic is that, out of fear, I close my ears thinking He will ask me to do something horrible – something that is completely contrary to my abilities or interests; something that will bring my world crashing down around me.

Yes, His leading may turn your world upside-down, but more likely He’s turning it right-sideup, we just didn’t know we were headed in the wrong direction.

Take time to listen to God, not just in the “spiritual” moments, but the practical as well.

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