Fun Facts About Our New Staff

lucasLucas Chadwick was an Edge Project participant in 2015 and will serve as an apprentice in the area of spiritual care for Edge Project 2016.  Here are 4 fun facts to know about Lucas:

1. Though Lucas does not consider himself an “artist,” he appreciates artwork of many forms (especially film and music). He refers to himself more as a “psalmist” than an artist and is working on a scribe project in which he is writing out the Scriptures by hand.

2.He enjoys drawing Celtic-inspired designs in pencil.  Lucas hopes to one day get into the craft of stained-glass window making.

3. Lucas returned to Washington after graduation and works at a teenage homeless shelter which has been very challenging, yet rewarding.

4.He loves to do impromptu imitations of the people around him. If he makes fun of someone by trying to act like them, it means he really likes them.

Marlita Hill is coming to Edge Project with a wealth of experience to serve as marlitaour Dance Director.  Here are 4 fun facts to know about Marlita:

1. Marlita is the founder of KAI – the Kingdom Artist Initiative – and the author of two books. Her first book, Dancers! Assume the Position: The What, the Why and the Impact of the Dancer’s Ministry is about living as an artist of faith in the church.  Her second book, Dancers! Assume the Position: The Role and Impact of the Kingdom Dancer in the Field, is about the Christian artist’s role outside of the church.

2.Marlita works as a choreographer and specializes in modern dance and most recently created a dance piece called Selah.

3. Marlita has been walking on a journey for 15 years to fulfill her calling of helping other artists understand how to live out their faith in conjunction with their artistic passions.

4. Marlita watches the TV sitcom Frasier nonstop.

ariannaArianna Yates  will serve this summer as Events and Hospitality Director, assisting with many of the community and operational aspects of Edge Project in Spain. Here are 4 fact about Arianna:

1. Arianna loves partner dancing, jamming on percussion instruments, and recreating moments with words.

2. She says her biggest art form lately has been the creation, facilitation, and coordination of gatherings for others to enjoy. Most recently she helped put on a women’s conference centered on global perspectives and work-life balance.

3. Arianna says she loves the idea of God in the Hebrew text as Aryeh Lammatteh Yehudah, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah — the Lion that is ferociously fighting for his children and standing in the gap for those that do and do not yet know him.

4. You can typically find Arianna recharging by driving in the car with the windows down, dipping her toes in the ocean, or hanging out in the sunshine with a good book, better chocolate (the way to her heart!), and the best people.

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