From the Edge

Life has way of seeming formulaic at times. We can assume our experience has been photocopied, so to speak, and the experiences of others, must be the same. Part of Edge Project is breaking down these misconceptions.

One Edge participant shares her experience with the spiritual differences between the US and Spain;

“I’ve learned that Evangelical Churches here are small in comparison to the US. From being with a host family I’ve learned that Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism are typically viewed (by Spanish Evangelicals) not as two different branches of Christianity, but as two different religions. However it seems that secular Spaniards have difficulty distinguishing between the two and seem to be disinterested in either one. But much like in the US many people are intrigued by ‘spirituality’ while they have a disdain or indifference towards organized religion.”

We believe that cultural differences on all levels should be experienced. Placing Edgies with host families is a fast track to learning how others live and appreciating the differences.

“I have loved connecting with my host family. Since being with them I have learned more about the culture than I have in the whole three weeks prior. I am very encouraged by the way they are pursuing the Lord in a place where there are very few Christians. “

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